Celebrating 50 Years of Serving Southern Ontario
 Celebrating 50 Years of Serving Southern Ontario 

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Covid-19 Disinfecting Electrostatic Spraying

COVID-19 has changed the way we look at cleaning...at Ashley’s Superior Maintenance we can provide you with a service that can give you peace of mind knowing your place of business, residence or commercial vehicle is more than just clean but truly Disinfected! Electrostatic Spraying is the new way to combat the changes to how we clean! 
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Hydro-Flo Non-Pressure Washing

This form of washing is very effective in cleaning a number of exterior surfaces including Eaves, Siding, Awnings, Store Signs and RV's.

By not using high pressure water that traditional pressure washing requires, our system will not cause water damage, cracking or uneven cleaning patterns that the "old way" can.

We use a biodegradable mild detergent that also fertilizes your flowers beds at the same time!

It cost slightly higher than traditional pressuring washing but the cost is well worth the outcome!! Most customers can enjoy clean siding for at least 2 full years. Please review some of our 'Before & After' photos...and FEEL FREE TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!

Chemical Free Cleaning
At Ashley's Superior Maintenance, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer experience. We are very excited to offer a Chemical Free alternative with the ENJO line of "Clean Green" products!


Would you be interested in Learning more about using this line of products in your own home? Contact us today and we will connect you with our ENJO Rep., Sarah Kreller; ENJO Canada Sales Leader

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What's New

Professional Covid Disinfecting  

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learn more about Electrostatic Spraying.

Window Cleaning

Residential Spring and Fall Window Cleaning seasons will begin in April & September PLEASE contact us today to book your appointment.

Hydra-Flo Non-Pressurer Washing

This is the perfect answer for cleaning your siding, eaves, RV and store front signs without the fear of water damage.


Customized Business Hours

To accommodate our clients busy schedules, we can customize all of our serivces to suit the time schedule of both our Commercial and Residental customers.


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